Our Friday night competition is conducted at Holroyd Athletic Fields located at the Corner of Peel Street and Robert Street, Holroyd (Merrylands).


Limited parking is available near the amenities block for committee members. Please park in the car park to the left or right down driveway to the other car park.


All children must be in full uniform by their 4th week of competition. For further uniform details please look under Uniforms & Registration on this website.

Friday Nights

Come early before 5.40pm, if we are to finish on time, events must start on time, we start at 6.00pm sharp. Children must be in the marshalling area and officials in position by 5.55pm. You the parents are our officials. No one is employed to conduct the events for your children. You do not have to worry about knowing what to do; someone will show you at the event. All the parents have come to the centre with no prior knowledge or expertise in athletics administration or organisation. They all gained their skills from on the job training. There are parents who have been coming for years, they will be happy to assist you with time keeping, track judging or field events. It takes just over 60 people to run the competition here on Friday nights, so please don’t wait to be asked. Volunteer as soon as you arrive or hear the call over the microphone. Parental involvement is a necessity in Little Athletics. Being an official regularly at an event is a good way of making new friends. For those who are keen, there is an opportunity to become a qualified official.

Just a Word of Warning

With all the new people it takes about three weeks before everything is running smoothly, so just bear with us, because officials have to be shown what to do and it takes a little time for the children to settle into the routine. We run a two-week program which means that over a two-week period your child should do all the events for their age group once.


At 5.45pm all children will be called to the marshalling area where children line up in their correct age groups with their age managers. (If we have no age managers or officials, then children cannot start Friday night competition). Athletes are to follow the direction of the age manager throughout the evening. There are 4 age managers assigned to each group before the season starts. Parents who are not age managers are not permitted on to the field unless performing a volunteer role assigned to them. This is a safety measure for all our athletes and volunteers.

Season – Championship Award

At Holroyd Little Athletics Centre, we allocate competition points for all events each Friday night of Competition during the season.

At our end of season awards event, there are Achievement Awards available in all age groups from Tiny Tots to Under 17. These awards are given on the basis on an assessment of:

  1. Attendance and participation both on Friday nights and at our inter-centre competitions, and attendance after Christmas break
  2. Behaviour and sportsmanship.
  3. Training and commitment to improvement.

We value participation and improvement and these attributes are rewarded amongst our athletes both throughout the season and at our end of year awards.

There are also Centre awards given for outstanding achievements and improvement across the season by our athletes. This includes by athletic achievement and contribution to our culture and sport.

Wet Weather

Friday nights are not cancelled until 5.30pm. Please check our Facebook Page, Website or emails for any updates.


Should your child be unable to participate on a Friday night due to injuries etc please contact us by Email or Message so a decision on points can be awarded accordingly.

Alcohol Free Zone

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that Little Athletics is an Alcohol-Free Zone for the duration of competition. We request that you refrain from drinking on Friday evenings and at all carnivals. This is an Association Rule and it is policed.


Some athletes are asthmatics or suffer from respiratory problems, we request that all parents refrain from smoking on the field, under the amenities building veranda or stairs or near children during Friday night competition. If you need to smoke, can you please move to the car park area behind the fences.


The canteen operates every Friday night with a variety of hot food and snacks. We also offer coffee and cold drinks throughout the evening. To assist us both, please PRE-ORDER and pay for your chosen items of hot food prior to commencement of Friday Night Competition. This will assist the canteen volunteers and avoid disappointment with your menu choices.

Cans of Drink on the Field

All cans are to be removed from the field. The council mower is very large and if it runs over a can, it shreds it into sharp slivers that can cause severe injury so please be mindful and remove all cans.

Holroyd Updates

Updated news information will be available most weeks, information will be emailed. If we don’t have your email address, please come and see us or email us at holroydlac@gmail.com and we can add you to our email list.

First Aid

First Aid is located inside the Administration Building. Please report all injuries to First Aid to be recorded.


Training for our athletes is offered throughout the season free. Training is conducted by our qualified coaching staff and parent volunteers. If you are interested in assisting with training, please contact our Coaching Co-Ordinator.

Our training is conducted across the events in accordance with the below table, changes to training could occur throughout the season, members will be advised.

NOTE: No Training Public Holidays, Long weekends or Mondays after Championship competitions.

2023/2024 Training Program – begins  Monday 11  Sept 2023.

Monday  Wednesday 

U/6-U/8 – Not training


5.30pm to 7.00pm

Track – Sprints

After Track

Long & Triple Jumps

6.00pm to 7.30pm




6pm to 7.00pm